Pirates of the Dead Seas hiring developers!

What me no get dis, me yes get xD

I want to apply for builder! I sent you a friend request at discord. Discord : AGamer142#6132

I’m interested if any builder/terrain jobs are still available.

Still looking for developers to fulfill these roles!

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I will become developer

lol jkjk already am, @rxsebvndit forgot to put some of the devs names on there guys, so there are more people, and they are all wonderful, I hope you apply! :smile:


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Yo! I’m interested in this game. I like the idea of the theme and is something I haven’t seen much in Roblox. Kd12306 - Builder/3D-Modeler [Closed] Hope to hear from ya’.

Discord: KEDO#2667

Please dm me if you are interested :slight_smile:

I’ve added you, my Discord is KEDO#2667

Hey! I am interested in the programming position.

Contact me: 卄ㄩ几ㄒ乇尺#3768.

Please dm me on discord if you are interested :slight_smile:

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I’m interested.
22 years old.
Over 11 years of programming experience on Roblox.
You’ll definitely wanna have a chat with me about this.
Discord is SteamDemand#7713.
Added you already.


Dude please do not call out. It’s against the rules and the free models were from my old builder. It’s we didn’t even use free models around the map. aS I reported this post for calling out. This can lead in a strike so don’t do it again please.

Hi I am interested in your programming services but you didn’t add me. I added you on discord.

We are not looking for programmers at the moment. We are looking for low poly builders.

Interestend in low poly work
Discord: Blacky Head#2834

ahem y am i not on there lol #investor

The Enviromental artist position just opened!

Still looking for builders and terrain designers! Make sure to apply now.

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Hi! I’m interested in a building position, can provide images of my builds via discord

Discord: Ethereal#4689

Alright! All the positions are closed until further notice!