Places removed in Studio still appear in the website places list and generate an error when opening them

Reproduction Steps
If someone from Roblox has access to my list of places, click Edit on a place that has been deleted.
For example, place name: rogeriodec_games’s Place Number: 3

Expected Behavior
Removed places should no longer be listed on the website

Actual Behavior
The removed places are still listed on the website and show an error in Studio when I try to open it.

Could not open the place “7181204172” with exception: “HTTP 400 (Bad Request)”.
Incident ID: 2700795402424651470


Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Low
Frequency: Constantly

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Thanks for the report, do you still encounter this issue ? Also, could you be more specific about the ‘deleted’ part ? How did the place got deleted ?

I believe he means the archive feature in studio

Yes, the problem remains the same.

The place was deleted within Studio > Asset Manager > Places > Remove From Game (right-click)

We have filed a ticket and we’ll get back to you when we have an update.


6 months have passed and I still have several places appearing on my list, but they generate an error when opening them in Studio:


The place numbers are:

  • 9611251184
  • 9062397381
  • 7209105901
  • 7181204172

Please, REMOVE these places from my list.

As far as I’m aware it is impossible to completely delete places, for security reasons.

Remove from game mearly removes a place from the game it is associated with, it does not delete the place.

Archiving a place will remove it from the list.

If you read the statement, you will see that the places are still on the website and when they are clicked, they generate an error when opening Studio, which is the reason for opening this bug report.

Unfortunately places can not be deleted. Places are allowed to be “detached” from a universe, and attempting to edit them while in this state will result in an error.

Think of it as, the place is in “limbo”. It can be transferred from one universe to another, but can not be deleted or removed from your list of “places”.

Roblox may make this UX better with the new creator dashboard ( )

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I will close this bug report due to the restructuring of this part of the website.

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