Placing welded to player parts on top of each other

I’m having troubles with one thing.

I have some parts with Prompt on them, when player trigger prompt, part welds to character’s back.

I tried to make that if there is already at least one part on character’s back, part goes on top of last part, but i keep getting some bad results. It works, but it isn’t place parts on top of each other. (only if they have same Y size)

Probably important: I am using Weld.C0/C1 to put parts on player/each other, so it is not Vector3, but CFrame.

What i got to put them on each other:

if CharSeq.Value > 1 then
	local LastPack = Character:WaitForChild("Packages")[PrevSeqV]
	Weld.C0 *=,-LastPack.Size.Y,0)

CharSeq - how much parts are welded to player
PrevSeqV - order number of the previous part

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I suggest using attachments to visualize the welds and assist with the positioning.

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yea, forgot about them at all. Thank you mate! That’s even more easy to make.

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