Player:HasAppearanceLoaded() issues



Regardless of FilteringEnabled/CharacterAutoLoads:

  • In studio, CharacterAppearanceId < 1 will never return
  • Start server/Online, the client will not return regardless

These are obvious problems, being that Start Server only uses guests (Id < 1), and that the client is unexpected behavior.


I don’t think the first item is a bug, the HasAppearanceLoaded method will only return true if the character appearance was loaded successfully, a negative id means the appearance will not load. I don’t think this will actually effect guests when not using CharacterAppearanceId.

The second issue should be fixed, this is caused by the server loading the appearance and the client not keeping track that the appearance has been loaded when the CharacterAppearanceLoaded signal fires.


This is still an issue, CharacterAppearanceLoaded does not fire on the client and :HasAppearanceLoaded() never becomes true client-side.


CharacterAppearanceLoaded Doesn’t Replicate To Client.rbxl (12.8 KB)



local PlayerS = game:GetService('Players')

		print('CharacterAppearanceLoaded ',Cha:GetFullName(),plr:HasAppearanceLoaded())


local PlayerS = game:GetService('Players')
	local plr = PlayerS.LocalPlayer

while not plr:HasAppearanceLoaded() do print('Not Loaded') wait(1) end

This is still an issue. The code above never stops printing ‘Not Loaded’, but on the Server it prints “CharacterAppearanceLoaded RuizuKun_Dev true”.

I’m checking if the Player’s Character Appearance has loaded or not on the client so the LocalScript knows when then Appearance is ready.

If it’s not going to be fix it should be mentioned on the Wiki

Sorry I didn’t meant to reply to you buildthomas , I was replying to the OP


I’m having issues with CharacterAppearanceLoaded not firing on the client. Will this be fixed soon?

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