Player Menu Update?

Same issue.

Yup, but it should not be active by default and it won’t turn off with:

game:GetService(“StarterGui”):SetCore(“SetAvatarContextMenuEnabled”, false)

Off topic: Is the Roblox site down for anyone else? I can’t even access studio projects.

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Me too, I think it is a update.

Rip, they better fix it, I was working on something.

It seems to be up:

Yup, just came back up for me.

This in conlusion: It’s a bug.

Oh and also: Can't get rid of Avatar Context Menu

You don’t need to use that. Roblox has an official site for it now is updated manually and may not always accurately represent availability of the site.


Ah, alright.

I have this too, and I didn’t have this recently. I think this is new


After looking through the CoreScript for a few seconds, the problem is obvious.

The CoreScript IS reading from the SetCore method and applying it to the isAvatarContextMenuEnabled variable, but the DEBUG_MODE variable overrides it. DEBUG_MODE’s value is tied to RunService:IsStudio()


local DEBUG_MODE = game:GetService("RunService"):IsStudio() -- use this to run as a guest/use in games that don't have AvatarContextMenu. FOR TESTING ONLY!
local isAvatarContextMenuEnabled = false
StarterGui:RegisterSetCore("AddAvatarContextMenuOption", function(...) QueueSetCoreMethod("AddAvatarContextMenuOption", {...}) end)
StarterGui:RegisterSetCore("RemoveAvatarContextMenuOption", function(...) QueueSetCoreMethod("RemoveAvatarContextMenuOption", {...}) end)

local hasTrackedAvatarContextMenu = false
	function(enabled) isAvatarContextMenuEnabled = not not enabled 
		if isAvatarContextMenuEnabled and not hasTrackedAvatarContextMenu then
			hasTrackedAvatarContextMenu = true
			AnalyticsService:TrackEvent("Game", "AvatarContextMenuEnabled", "placeId: " .. tostring(game.PlaceId)) 
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I know right, so obvious.

How do you get rid of it? so annoying -__-

At the moment you can’t if you dont have custom CoreScripts. Dont worry though, it will probably get fixed very soon.

That’s been around for a few months. It’s always been disabled by default.

Quick! Somebody find a way to override RunService:IsStudio()! lol

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Not sure why you had to necrobump to complain about that. If there’s an issue with a feature on Roblox, create a bug report or rep an existing one with some information or a brief description mentioning that it’s still broken. If you aren’t a full member, ensure you follow the post approval procedure process which is both available in the announcements under rules and the DM you got when you were promoted.