Player Outliner // Add a cartoony style to your game's players!

You can’t rely on the feature request to be listened to, but if it does, then I can revert the change as needed.

I already read the above replies, and this update addressed it by adding further functionality and usefulness. It’s not worth arguing when a fight is trying to be started in the first place. It’s free, take it or leave it. Doesn’t hurt to leave it.

Read the update logs for more information.

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Woah! This is super cool, Great resource!


Is there a config for how thick the outline is?


Unfortunately not, but you can change the transparency!

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Is there anyway for the Highlight instance to work on models/parts that are transparent, i found it it only works on parts that are fully visible (transparency = 0)

I’m not quite sure, unfortunately.

Or you could just put a highlight instance and set the adornee to Workspace…

That causes workspace to be treated like a model and to highlight around the whole workspace rather each individual part.

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Now that I have just tried intersecting 2 blocks with one highlight in workspace, Yeah that’s true.

I also dont mean to sound rude, but you can use the highlight feature.

I think this is what he already uses.