Player.Team doesn't replicate to new players when first connecting

In both studio (Start Server) and online, every player’s Team doesn’t replicate (although the TeamColor does). When that player’s Team switches, it works fine.

This happens regardless of FE.


Can you provide more information on how to reproduce this? It would be best to include a sample file and instructions.
See Please Read Before Posting: Steps to Report a Bug

Sorry for being late on this: Repro.rbxl

Step 1) Start a server with at least 2 players (3 shows it better), joining 1 at a time.
Step 2) Read the output.

Results: Every player joining after it, their team won’t replicated (Team: nil), if everyone joined at once it’s unpredictable.

A live example is our basketball game, in which name tags appear for above players on your team. When we were using Player.TeamColor it worked 100% of the time, now players who connect after won’t have a tag unless they swap teams.

Thank you for the reproduction case! We’ll look into fixing this.

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This is still a problem :disappointed:

Been a while, is it still being looked into?

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We are looking into it now.


I have lost hope, ironically one year later.

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We just enabled a fix for this, can you see if you are still seeing the issue in your game?


Yes it works, thanks so much.