Player:ClearCharacterAppearance() does not clear worn head

When using the method Player:ClearCharacterAppearance() it does not reset your currently worn head to a default Roblox head. This behavior seems inconsistent with what else the method does.

Repro steps:

  1. Open empty baseplate
  2. Press Play Solo
  3. Run game.Players.LocalPlayer:ClearCharacterAppearance() in the command bar
  4. All assets from your character will be wiped except for the head you’re wearing

When inspecting the head mesh, it appearant that its TextureId and MeshId do not get reverted. This also includes the MeshType staying as a FileMesh.


that might be intended behavior, a head is a inherent part of your character like body colors (which didnt get wiped either) and I don’t know about left/right arm/legs and torsos but i assume those wouldn’t get wiped either


According to the api it should remove hats, shirts, pants, character meshes(body parts i think) and t shirts. It then says that it doesnt clear body part colors, and that it doesnt remove t shirts, head meshes or faces.

There is some weird contrdicting statements in this api?


Well it definitely removes T-Shirts.This API has some weird functionality. Is there any way to just start off with a completely default character?

What I think this means is that the BodyColors object is removed but the “body part colors” remain unchanged. The BodyColors object is used as an easy way to set the part colors of a character but removing the BodyColors object doesn’t restore the character to default part colors automatically.

This API also doesn’t change the MeshParts of R15 characters so I’m not sure if it has any practical use cases as it’s currently set up. Restoring the character completely to a default character seems much more useful.


Looks like roblox just added a new api that fixes the issue you were having

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