Players unable to thumb up game but can still thumb down

I just released a new game today and the ratings were doing fine for a while, but now it seems players are unable to give it a thumb up anymore, however they can still give it a thumb down. Both myself and other players have experienced it showing a message saying “You’re voting too quickly” even when it’s our first time voting on the game, but this message doesn’t appear when we try to thumb it down. The number of thumbs up on the game have not gone up since this started appearing and it is really having a detrimental impact on the ratings.



I’ve noticed a 200-300% increase in dislikes the past day or so and almost no likes. This is strange since I was getting consistent likes before that. My games already dropped 2% ratings since nobody can give it a thumbs up.


Can confirm this, I played the game once and could not up vote it. Down voting worked perfectly fine through, and did not give the “You’re voting too quickly” error.

However, I can still like other games, so this would appear to be an issue local to only a certain group of places.

Can you give examples of games that are preventing thumbs up?

Just found one that has the issue on my end

Yep this game:

It may be related to the game gaining a lot of players quickly, as it was advertised before it was released today at 11am PST.

Can confirm that game is having the issue for me as well

seems fixed for me at least, was able to switch back and forth

The aftermath of this glitch is a great example of why ratings should be displayed differently on the games page from the current way of doing things which is all time + all platform.


The main issue reported on this topic has been resolved by our engineering team. You should be able to like this game once again.

Thank you all for reporting it!