Please don't force-shutdown studio windows

Does it not prompt you to save if unsaved?

This has happened to me so many times, no prompt. Just an instant shutdown and the death of all my progress.

Studio makes auto recovery saves every 5 minutes, by the way. Unless you turned it off, but why would you?

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I make a lot of progress in 5 minutes.

Changed my auto-save to 1 min :eyes: But actually saving the game takes over a min because there is like 200 csg gun models in it :weary:

It should only take so long the first time they’re uploaded. Once they are, you’re just saving IDs now that they’re uploaded to the cloud.

I have 12 GB ram so I don’t know why it takes so long. Publishing to the site takes about 4 seconds :weary:

I would imagine disk write speed would be the deciding factor here. But, HDD write speed is pretty standardized, so I don’t think this is a hardware issue.

How big is your place file? Do you use terrain? It could be that it’s taking so long because ROBLOX is compressing the file. If you save to a .rbxlx (not compressed), does it save more quickly?

No terrain, 6.3MB and .rbxl, 63.2 MB for .rbxlx

Also what is the difference between .rbxl and .rbxlx ? I have always just pressed the save button so that would be .rblx.

Also it takes as long/longer to save as a .rbxlx as an .rblx

Actually make that way longer

way way longer

My mistake. I thought it was purely compression, but it seems the new format allows them to save faster as well, which would explain why it took longer to save the .rbxlx as you mentioned in the Discord. Saving a place half that size only took a split second for me, so I don’t imagine minute-long saving for a 6.3 MB file is normal. You could try getting in touch with one of the engineers and provide them the place file to see if maybe there’s a bug that’s causing it to take so long.

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I have auto save on, but whenever I lose progress and I try to find an auto save nothing is there, they’re all really old files, or empty.

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Loosing 5 min of work can take much longer to recover.
You loose track of where you were at, you mix up code parts thinking some parts are already done that has been deleted etc.
It’s incredibly confusing to loose 5 min of work and in most cases wont take 5 min to fix.

Enabling auto-lagger isn’t an option.

@FierceByte Seems like it could be a pretty bad bug, if you happen to figure out a way to repro it or find that it is specific to one of your setups, you could make a bug report about it.

@PlaceRebuilder I guess the problem here seems a bit exagerated/foreign to me because I’m used to hitting CTRL+S whenever I finish any important code block etc. Maybe it would be a good idea to suggest improvements for autosaving (i.e., have scripts autosave in a different way (separate temp files?) such that it will not affect Studio that drastically when an autosave is triggered)

This is still happening after 2 years and it needs to be addressed, so I’m going to bump this thread instead of making another one because as far as I can tell it’s the same issue.

My team and I are part of the Incubator program and we’re using Team Create. Several times a week when we open a new place file to get something done, Studio will hold up its middle finger and do this:
Pressing Cancel on the first menu just causes it to shut down anyway! :confused:

I can’t think of another app/piece of professional software that does this, especially when I’m programming, or designing. If a new version is ready, just notify me in the app. Let me open place files, let me save and publish on my own time, and then I’ll gladly wait through the 10-second update when I press close, or when I next open the app.


Windows 10 hold my coffee


Why is this still a problem? Why is my time being wasted?

What makes me even more annoyed is that in this case the the reason my studio updated was because I tried to install a plugin and the plugin created a whole new window just to do that. At this stage problems are just compounding problems.

I don’t really care about getting fancy grass or a new character system (as nice as those are), I just want a stable development experience.

I’m not really a developer but when I was in the process of building my homestore a while back this happened to me. But the fact that this still hasn’t been addressed from a Roblox staff member is very concerning. I’m pretty sure it has and will continue to drive developers away from continuing dev’ing on Roblox due to Studios unreliability.

These are my thoughts too, Studio is still under-performing in this way as of Jan 21, 2020, I hope there is someone who is interested in fixing this.

The problem is, so many times I am in the middle of opening a new Place of my Game after a couple hours of working on an older version, which triggers this behavior, since your client fetches the newest version of Studio and kills all your old Studio exe’s if they’re are ‘outdated’, I am very hesitant to edit any more Places when I am in the middle of a task that requires me to open one in a Game. I have resorted to opening all of the Places in my Game at once, and just keeping them minimized to my taskbar, haha…

I would not have a problem with this feature if there was a Restart Studio choice in the dialogue, where it rebooted your Place files in the exact same way as when they were open last (i.e. Explorer item hierarchy set to how you left it, not all collapsed, and the other tabs like Properties, and the tools in my hand (Drag, Resize, Grow), and all the Scripts open where I left them, on the same line, with the text cursor in the same place, the same Output, you know?

The frequency at which Studio gets updated for little things is a bit too fast to justify shutting our clients down all the time. It’s kind of like having all the tools in your garage shuffled by a stranger once a week (except they’re shuffling my tabs and scripts :face_with_head_bandage:)

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