Please help me if I have a backdoor or not

the scripter was working on my game,

me and him were chilling in studio and I saw the rosync thing.

He said he didnt see it

thats weird try manually checking for scripts i recommend i cant really do much but if you see a getfenv then it could be a virus

also repost the topic maybe for more help


but when I tried to search for the ID of this plugin,

why did it show a picture of a penguin?

same thats weird i dont know why

alright ty for the help your the best

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uh thats the same script that shows for me,

but I didnt insert it into my game?

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Yeah.
This is also sus:
v.Source, occurrences = string.gsub(v.Source, “%s%-%-%[%[ Last synced.+”, “”)

It’s not sus but ig you probably think it’s the %s.
All gsub does is replace text, and the %s are just there for formatting. What that code does is get rid of rosync code.

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I just noticed this post now. Are you guys serious lmao. That’s my RoSync remover script. Ask literally any scripter worth his shit and he’ll tell you that it’s not suspicious. Your friend probably found that script in the post linked above, and if you had read the contents of the post you would have realized that.


And if you read any content in the post, you can see that neither me or my friend put the script in thats why I asked the question in the first place.

And I realized it was a Rosync remover before you came in so thx :+1:

Well it definitely didn’t insert itself. Someone had to have pasted it into your command bar.

To remove it: Simply uninstall all suspicious plugins for both you and your scripter.

If there are scripts left over from it in the explorer, remove them all. It shouldn’t be able to create more.