PLEASE HELP! Radio Script Not Working

Okay here we go.

So I’ve been working on a radio that I will be putting into vehicles in my game. Everything works except for the music player. The music won’t play but the display and everything works. I need to find a way to make the music play. Here are the script images. I’m enclosing a video (with audio) To show it in game. I also made it a model so you can get in and see it ingame.

Radio Vid.wmv (3.8 MB)

Radio(Broken) - Roblox
Thank you if you can help!!!
I really want to get this fixed!


Also if you know any good youtube videos to help with this, please send.

I think this happens because of the recent updates and changes they have done to sounds.

Whats the duration of your sounds?

If you don’t literally own the audio, you can’t play it in your game. If the experience is under your group, you have to have the audio under your group. The same goes if the experience is owned by you, the audio must be owned by you!

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They’re different sounds, all by roblox

Please read what @CommanderRanking said above

I did and that’s very helpful though it says that roblox is making these sounds available to public - copyright free - And I’m using the new ones they added in the March 22 update. Why would they be in the game if I can’t use them?

the model is private so no one can really test it.

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yes I understand why its not working now, however I don’t understand why when I’m using the Roblox APM Studios licensed music it wont work. I also made the radio public now.

Are we sure that this is due to the audio update? Correct me if I’m wrong, but to my knowledge this isn’t implemented quite yet. On top of that, to my knowledge Roblox is allowing usage of there audio assets from Roblox globally.

Try going into the sound named Music properties and setting RollOffMinDistance and RollOffMaxDistance to something like 40. Because this sound is in workspace, we can only hear the sound if we’re close enough to hear the sound.

Edit: Just tested this with the model and it works for me. Could you confirm that this works for you? If not, there are some other potential issues we can look into.


Missing an equals sign here between the id parameter and the asset’s ID.