Plugin breaking Roblox Studio after Studio Design Refresh update

So I’ve been working on my plugin which includes 7 features But whenever I run it in ROBLOX Studio (as a Plugin/ Local Plugin) weird issues begin occurring.

  • My Screen flickers for a few seconds and goes back to normal When pressing the Run button.

  • Player Movement is weird.

  • Publishing & Saving pop ups 3+ times.

  • Plugin running 3 times instead of once when Running.

This is what happens when I use the actual plugin:

This only Occurs in my plugin, when I disable my Plugin the issues no longer occurs, I’m very confused why is this occurring.

The plugin link: Studio Helper - Roblox

This issue began occurring when the new Studio Design Refresh released for all.


We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database, and we’ll follow up when we have an update. Thanks for the report!

Thanks for flagging!

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I experience the same issue with the wide plugin window with one of my own plugins also. Exact same position and size, occurs on multiple computers. Every time the plugin is opened it will be with that size and position, and when switching between client/server it will unexpectedly reopen with content / without content in an unusable grey window without even an X. Same size and position leads me to believe the issue is related to mine.

None of the other issues OP is having exist for me though.


That is actually a beta feature

I suggest you re-test both cases (plugin disabled and enabled) with all beta features disabled.

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Hi @lilmazen1234, are you still able to repro this?