[Plugin] Create Character/Outfits - Change NPC’s Clothings Quickly!

Plugin: https://www.roblox.com/library/7781955657/HumanoidDescription-Creator

I am not sure how to explain plugins that I make,
Here’s a other Plugin I made;



Pretty cool, You should make the background the same color as the night theme of roblox studio maybe.
Also idk if the sounds will annoy people, To me they sound kinda weird

One more thing, Like in the toolgrip editor by @Maximum_ADHD, Maybe you should make the character rotate based on the camera, So you can view at all angles

Other than that this is a nice plugin :slight_smile:

Well, the sounds aren’t inside the Plugin they are just inside the video. :smiley:
I was to lazy to edit it.

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Ah that makes more sense, Thanks for explaining!

Thanks for feedback <3

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This is gonna be VERY useful, not kidding.

[Plugin] Load Character/Outfits - Change NPC's Clothings Quickly! btw this plugin is also very useful,