Plugin Designer (easily manage and design your plugins!) [v1.0.0]

Plugin Designer

By @avodey (my main account)!

This is my first plugin resource! I hope you can find it useful. Feedback and ideas are appreciated!
This plugin will be free forever.

Enable the UI Flex Layout beta or the UI may not look good!

Summary (v1.0.0)

I am tired of the plugin development workflow. That’s why I started making this resource!
This simple plugin lets you manage and design the plugins you stored in your workplace.
Take a look!

If you can’t watch the video, here’s what the plugin does exactly:

  • Allows you to list and insert plugins stored in your game, on your computer, or online
  • Lets you edit the design of plugins stored in your game
  • Reorder, remove, and collapse plugins that are listed
  • Rename local plugins from the list

Future Plans

If enough people find this useful, I plan to expand upon this plugin. I’ll keep my ideas private for now, so what would you like to see added? If this isn’t helpful for you, what workflow are you using? I’d like to know so I could potentially account for it!

This plugin is part of “Noble Suite” which I started. If I continue making plugins, they will also be under this suite! I’m not sure if I will, so I haven’t made that a big part of the post. This may change!


Find a bug? DM me with steps to reproduce the issue! A good explanation of the problem and background information will help greatly.

Before reporting, make sure you have the UI flex layout beta enabled.



yes I am @Voidite on YouTube

I currently can’t download the plugin because of roblox’s terrible loading, but it is a cool plugin, I usually have trouble making plugins for myself, so this should be helpful, thank you for making this plugin accessible for everyone around the world

Roblox copied your plugin and they called it plugin manager, its in the plugin tab where all the plugins are?

The plugin manager helps you install and uninstall plugins. My resource helps you design your own plugins.

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