[PLUGIN] Interface Tools

Now 1200 and with things taken from Google and Kenney

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FYI, that comes out to about $2.06 for the developer. The plugin takes time and money to develop which is why it comes at a cost.

As a side note, we are working on a new version which should be released in the very near future.

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@fivefactor Does it do anything to make buttons glow? Like PetSim99 a lot of the buttons have a nice glow. I use pixlr and I turn on glow etc but when I import it to roblox it doesn’t really do anything, its like pixlr doesn’t export and add the glow…

I mean yes I know they are worth money but by God things from Google and Kenney that are practically free their future “version” by chance is not going to cost 2400 robux just by chance

We are not selling the icons, we are selling the plugin.

Nobody is forcing you to get the plugin, if you don’t find that it is worth it for you then don’t buy it.

I personally use it whenever I am designing UI because I can easily see how hundreds of icons look without uploading. Has saved me countless hours, and has saved others tens of thousands of hours.

1200 robux? oh nah bro I ain no way paying 1.2k for free-use icons… Im no economics expert either but if it was somewhere like 800-ish, Wouldve bought it

@fivefactor What made you take the free version off-sale and increase the price of this from 50 to 1200 Robux?

I made no money previously, I still don’t make any now. I just lose less

…How do you lose money from a plugin?

Time that gets put in and the money used to pay developers.

For beginners, learn the default UI system then move on to this plugin so that you can get a better understanding.

Update: Plugin is priced at $4.99

In regards to the new version (coming soon):

  • Updated plugin design
  • Significant performance upgrades
  • Updated material icons, proper icon search
  • Dark and light theme options
  • Updated gradient options
  • Updated settings including search method, anchor point, position
  • Better icon quality
  • Color generator (generate colors using words)

Feel free to share any suggestions