PluginReact | A set of ui elements to create plugin

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Hi all! I’ve been working for months on copying Roblox ui style. I often had to do plugins, and I didn’t like that they visually different from the ui of studio. This ruin user experience. Also every plugin had to write their input fields, and in different projects they can conflict. So I came to the conclusion that you need to make a UI Kit that would be create.

This library allows you to create input fields, buttons and blocks in the style of Roblox Studio editor. The library helps you assemble the interface from the finished elements, immediately subscribe to the events of their functions


  1. Copy the contents of the libs folder in ReplicatedStorage to your project
  2. At the beginning of your plugin code, check the library, plug in and check the version:
if(not  game.ReplicatedStorage:FindFirstChild("libs"))then
    print("The plugin does not work because there is no libs folder");

if(not  game.ReplicatedStorage.libs:FindFirstChild("PluginReact"))then
    print("Plugin does not work because there is no PluginReact");
local PluginReact = require(game.ReplicatedStorage.libs.PluginReact);
local _VERSION_PluginReact= 1.30;
    print("You have an outdated version of PluginReact. Need version ".._VERSION_PluginReact);

Video with an example of the plugin

The UI of this plugin only uses PluginReact elements.

In the futureI’ll be there.

-Clear examples of library use

-Comments in code

-Working example of a plugin using a library

-Button back


My advice for normal work of library:

ViewPortPriview - A library for simple rendering of the 3D model in UI.
CONFWRITER - Table conversion library to Object Value.
LuaRiter - Open Source plug-in based on this library.


I’ve created several plugins all following the same Setup Format, I’ll have to experiment a bit with some of my plugins using this and give my personal feedback and suggestions.

Yes, thank you!

Sorry about the poor documentation. The publication was in a hurry.