Plugins not loading in macOS Big Sur

It says this for all installed plugins even though I’ve given Studio all permissions.


When attempting to download a new plugin from toolbox, this error shows.

The plugin folders are created in the InstalledPlugins folder but the contents are empty.

I have tried toggling the plugins in plugin manager but same issue occurs, can this be patched for MacOS Big Sur?


Since MacOS 11.0’s dev beta was literally just released a couple days ago, there’s probably TONS of issues. Obviously Roblox will need to patch this issue but what I’m saying is that it could take a little while for a patch to come out, for two reasons:

  • Barely any of their player base is using the dev beta; even when the public beta comes out it will still be a small percentage
  • There’s a lot of new features with the update, and with them needing to support all of the stuff coming out it will take a while for that to happen

Hey @ZacBytes,

Appreciate the enthusiasm on jumping to the latest and greatest, but joining a beta for a new operating system is completely at your own risk. We find out along with every other company at WWDC. We have not begun supporting Big Sur (it’s less than a week old). We just started planning for our QA team to do passes on the beta.

At this time, I have no ETA for when this will be resolved. If you wish to use Roblox Studio as its intended, the latest supported version is Catalina.

Thanks for the report.


Yup, just wanted to let you guys know.


You need to provide Studio with Full File System access in System Preferences > Privacy and Security > Privacy > Full File System Access

Then add Roblox Studio to the list of allowed applications.


I had to enable it manually in permissions, I was looking at the wrong section :stuck_out_tongue:



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