Poor Clarification within DevForum Topic Descriptions?

New members tend to misuse topics for something else. For me, as I joined a few months ago, I personally find it hard to decide whether this and that is the right topic. There are tons of mistakes I make, and many more when upcoming new developers use forums, and unintentionally flag/make a topic as off-topic. In my opinion, I would say there should be more clarification to each topic message we are given when creating topics like this one.

Even if Roblox adds messages in a topic in an attempt to give a brief description about the topic a user chooses, its surprisingly hard to consider a topic on-topic. Like for example, #development-discussion is used for development within Roblox. But what if members mistake and consider anything else outside of Roblox Studio related topic, off-topic? Such as Clothing Designing concerns, etc.

Feel free to give feedback if you disagree or agree with what I am having trouble with right now.

What do you mean topic? Do you mean category? Each category has a pinned “About” topic that explains how to use the category.


If you want a description to be improved you should message /g/DevEngagementTeam


The problem is often with the neglection of these guidelines, they are pretty specific already. For example, regarding your concern about #development-discussion, the pinned about topic already has much more info than it did before the posts flooded in, but they still continue to do so:

There are still many topics mainly containing only polls, there are still topics that are chatroom-type, etc.

If I were new to the Forum, I’d message Community Editors for quick clarification–that’s their job and they will gladly help you, so do that instead of guessing and posting.


Seem’s like great resource. I just hope its pinned somewhere where everyone could see it. Specifically, all of the categories combined. If it is already, I most likely have a problem with seeing everything. Thanks a bunch guys!