Position being .001 & inconsistent

I am unsure of what this issue is specifically called, so do let me know if there’s something regarding this already made.

I have been building for a few years and one of the major issues I encounter are these inconsistent and just nasty looking positional values.


Now, this, in turn, leads to things like this:


I use only 0.1, 0.5, and 1 stud increments, yet this still occurs. I do use Archimedes as well to make good curves, perhaps that’s the issue?

How do you guys combat this? I like to keep my values only up to the tenth decimal place (i.e -129.3), but clearly it has not worked out as intended. Some other times, I also end up changing my increment to .05, even though all the increments look “normal.”

I would much rather not restart the entire build to fix this, so if there are ways to fix it without doing that, let me know, or if there already is a topic covering this, leave a link! Thanks!

Maybe this gives you an idea?


Oh yes, thank you! Just tried the plugin, works nicely.

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You could also turn off move increments and you wouldn’t have that issue, but you would have to be precise.

Unfortunately that would require a lot more precision, and with my shaky hands I could see it becoming a major issue. However, do you think if collisions is enabled it could help?

Update: I have found another solution using resize align.


However, if you use this, the downside would be that the position values still remain inconsistent but it will end up being smooth. You could fix this with the plugin posted in the solution though.


Well in that instance I just put a part on the other end with collisions enabled and resize the part until they’re touching.

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I use the plugin, Resize/Align to get 100% flush edges

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