Possible to add a debris to temporary orbit around a planet?


What if you subtract on the vis visa? If the vis visa only tells how fast or slow to get into an orbit, what to do if the planets are not in a circular orbit?

the vis visa tells you how much to accelerate to reach a certain semi major axis orbit. you need it to fix your orbit to be in a non eccentric state.

What do you mean non eccentric state in that context? One more thing, what line uses the vis visa equation? (Sorry for bothering you)

if you mean by line you mean by direction it is the prograde vector (most likely 0,0,-1). Non eccentric means like circle image

What line of code edits the eccentricity orbit?

from what code are you deriving from? this is a synapse i guess on getting the speed required

--Gravitational constant is not neccesary if you arent using it in the gravtional force formula
speed = math.sqrt(gravConstant * massOfBodyWeAreOrbiting * (2/distance between orbiter and body we are orbiting))

The place file you have, gravity script.

that place file doesnt use the vis visa equation

So how does the scripts in the place file work?

honestly i just guessed the speed needed, it was a bad example for me to show you

tell you what, do you have discord? I can walk you through how to program n-body physics via call

I did the math for you, assuming there is no constant and the orbiting bodies mass is 100 and you are 20 studs away from the planet initially and you want a circular orbit you would apply this scalar to the look vector of your planet. 2.738612788

Yeah I have discord, but I don’t feel like calling.

well just let me know if you dont understand anything else/ have more questions

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