Post-Approval for Recruitment Topics

I realise so, but if public recruitment becomes member+, what will happen to the private one now.

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Wait, you mean to tell me you don’t sell your stuff for just under 2 pennies? Will 3 be enough?


I was being sarcastic. It’s blatantly obvious that you don’t sell your services for that low


Public recruitment should not become Member+. The name is literally ‘Public Recruitment’.

If you dislike public recruitment and only want to hire good forum users (not necessarily top devs), Private Recruitment is here for you.

yes - this post was a minor rant. there are a few good reasons for posting in private recruitment, however, collaboration should stay as is for the sake of the community.

my entire post was arguing in favour of keeping collaboration as is.


Here’s the problem, though: member no longer means quality— it means activity.

It would reduce the number of small bids but would devastate the community and create unnecessary work for the approval team. I say “no”


Pretty sure the problem with that would be budget constraints. As it’s already been noted here before, certain departments in the company have higher budgets than others, and I would think that the DevForum team would be allocated a smaller amount of money as it’s essentially a private sector of the Roblox site unless you search it out.

I can almost guarantee that people would zip right through these guidelines like they do the terms and conditions of a software install. This would do very little to stop inexperienced users from posting unprofessional requests in the long run.

It should also be noted that a private collaboration subcategory already exists for more experienced members. Once new members advance to the rank of a normal member of the forum, they can choose to mute the public recruitment category and only deal with private recruitments if they so please.

All in all, I believe restricting the category entirely would be deemed elitist towards new members, and cause strain on the DevForum team. My suggestion would be that more users should be educated with Discourses built in functions to mute categories as a user pleases, that way every user can choose which topics they want to read rather than rumaging through low quality posts in categories they don’t care about.

I myself had to be taught how to mute subcategories not too long ago, so I can imagine that new users might not even know this feature exists at all.


I really don’t have too much to add on top of what others have already said - this is mostly a case of not enough staff members on post approval to make locking down more forum categories under approval for newer members viable.

At the same time, while I understand the concern of new members skirting past rules (myself included on several occasions), simply being new to the developer forums does not necessarily equate to producing low-quality posts.

I wasn’t even aware of a private collaboration subcategory, but that sounds like the solution to your problems at the moment.

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Personally, I believe that adding post approval is the only feasible solution. The other idea I had is to create a starred post system for members and higher. Essentially, full members(or select members of the community, whichever is preferred) would have the ability to publicly recognize job listings that they choose. In theory this would allow for the “higher quality” posts to stand out more amongst the sea of poor quality threads. However, as mentioned above, it does create an elitist society.

Ultimately there is no perfect solution. I am glad that this topic has gained this much attention, because it means we care. Im glad we keep this civil because it means we’re mature enough to discuss this. Thank you, everyone, for helping so far, and I hope to see more soon!

EDIT: If people are skirting past the tutorial, I would suggest removing the “skip” function from the thread tutorial, or create a separate tutorial based solely on content without the skip function that is required to achieve new member.

Just to be overly clear: post approval people are volunteers from the community, they are not Roblox staff and they are not paid. They just do the work they do because they care a lot about the developer forum.


Ah, I wasn’t aware of that. Thanks for the clarification!

Although in that case, if Roblox were to suddenly start promoting members at a faster rate to be able to approve posts, I would also be concerned about potential bias or abuse of the role (though I personally haven’t run into that yet).

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I agree that quickly promoting community members is a bad idea. What I would suggest is if we were to add post approval, have the team get together and choose who else they would want to add to their team in a slowly expanding fashion. Again, I don’t know everything and will not presume I can answer every issue, but personally, I would take the hit of expanding the post approval team to add this feature. That is a personal opinion, not a fact of best course of action.

This whole thread seems to be a hate letter to new members. Several of you seem to be obsessed with having massive amounts of restrictions in place just to punish (or as some of you like to call it “help”) people who are new.

Do you know what happens when people are overly regulated on a forum? They leave. So if we add all these insane regulations you all are wanting then the growth of the devforums (and Roblox Dev community) would slow.


Which was my main point I was trying to come across.

Sir, under no circumstance am I “hating” on new members. Quite the contrary; I Am one myself. I don’t mean to come across otherwise.

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I said “several” I wasn’t intending to include you. I didn’t specify who because I didn’t want to call anyone out.

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This was essentially how people were originally invited into the Developer Forum a few years ago. You’d send in a request to join and then every few weeks a new round of about a dozen users would be added. Users could even suggest specific users to be invited in a mass post that the DevRel team would check every so often, but this eventually became exhausting to the forum staff, and became one of the main reasons that the forum was opened up to the public. I wouldn’t count on this type of application process to show up again due to those reasons, even though it was a really good way at combating unprofessional posts.

My apologies on the miscommunication, I thought that the forum would at least have a couple of staff members that help with the heavy lifting around here, as it seems like a major responsibility to just leave up to Trusted Users.


My mistake. Forgive me, I thought you were including the original post.

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It’s all about finding a balance. Opening the floodgates to everyone isn’t an option - neither is gatekeeping.

Of course there’s a bias towards newer members - we have neither the reputation nor the credibility that others have. But that also doesn’t mean that we’re incapable of producing great things.

Below is an example of one of my topics, posted on the #help-and-feedback:cool-creations board. Mine is only one example.

I don’t think that post approval is necessarily a bad thing - in fact, it would do quite a bit to make the best topics more visible. What I don’t want is locking down entire sections purely based on the fear of lower quality posts, with newer members being only able to see, and not comment.

In an ideal world, we would have a full, 24/7 team of moderators scanning through the forums and cleaning it up. Unfortunately, that isn’t possible currently.

There isn’t a right answer, only what you believe is the better solution. New members are able to act professionally, old members are able to act unprofessionally.


I’m so glad you brought up the fact that new members are capable of making great content, because like yourself, I firmly believe that. I suggested this solution as a way to teach new members or those who struggle with adhering to the templates required information how to make great content.

EDIT: Also, I know post approval does not allow replies to topics. This is why I suggested mandatory contact information so all members can contact those who make recruitment topics. At that point the responsibility is on the individuals who contact the hiring director, not Roblox, to provide a mature and quality space for discussion, and thus out of our control.

FYI there is full functionality for post approval to also accept replies to topics and we do this a lot for feature requests and discussion topics already.