Private inventory setting for groups

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to upload a decal to a group and make it not be able to be seen by random users.

This would improve our ability to have giant content updates not get spoiled by random users on twitter.
We want to keep our updates as a suprise! I don’t want someone else to take away the fun of releasing new content

It would help our organization to not have to upload to an alt account to hide our decals from prying eyes.


Currently users on the decal page can simply search our group name, show unavailable items, and they can see all of our decals.

One word groups cannot have their decals ripped this way because someone could have their username be the same as the group, causing it not to return the items from the group.


I 100% agree with this.

Just like the ability to hide our inventory on our profile we should be able to hide our group inventorys as well


People already can’t see group inventories, what you’re asking for is a way to hide items you’ve created (which is currently not a feature for users either)

I support the idea either way


Yes there is a way to view group inventorys via the library

That allows you to view the items that the group created, not what the group owns

The group owns what the group created?

I am a bit confused what you mean by that.

Not necessarily, you can not own items you’ve created, and you can own items you haven’t created. There is an important distinction between the two that applies to both users and groups.

Not quite. It is possible to do so if you modify the URL, albeit not as easy to get to. Regardless, would say this is the next natural step after we just got hiding our user inventories. Too much content is easily accessed with simply digging around inventories of groups, from games preparing for special occasions to major aspects of Roblox events.

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In the short term, we just removed the “Show Unavailable Items” checkbox from the Library to make it harder for other users to discover your private assets.

Longer term, we are considering ways to make hard if not impossible to discover or use another user’s private assets without their permission.



Unavailable items are still visible in some cases when searching. Will this be removed as well?

This was an oversight: we will fix it in January.


I should have been more clear, I meant to say this method wouldn’t work for One word named groups, You’d have to fiddle with the URL like you said


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