Private Modules Warnings?

So recently I made a module with requires important data such as exploiters that I want to ban across multiple games. I uploaded this module to the group which owns the game yet I am still getting this error. I’m also wondering if there’s a better way I could update information like this without using modules so that I can use the same module in my games as well as my groups games.

Also sorry if this post is icky this is my first dev forum post : )))))

Read this:

TLDR: They’re phasing out third-party private modules for security reasons.

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The best way would probably be through the HTTPService. advertises as a simple JSON storage and hosting service so it’ll probably work well.

(Just tested it out. You upload the JSON formatted text and it returns a HTTP url like mine: which returns a simple JSON response. Super easy to integrate!)

Edit: This solution isn’t secure. To make it secure you’d probably need to find a similar service which requires authentication. I think Google docs is still blocked (correct me if I’m wrong on that). If you can’t find a service, it wouldn’t be too hard to rent web hosting and upload a 10 liner PHP file to check a secret you send it and serve the JSON file.


The module is owned by my group through, also it contains information that connects to a databse so I wouldn’t want anyone to get access to it.


Here’s someone else in the thread with your problem:

Might be worth doing a bug report.

Yeah I’m pretty sure its just bugged, just realized the module is actually running just saying this error for some reason.

Don’t put private API keys in a publicly available script. Send the request to a server you control and use that server to send requests.

Right now I just use trello to store the bans, the module script just holds the important keys/tokens as well as functions which auto ban players for exploits.

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