Problem with cannonball physics


I'm currently working on scripting a cannon. Now i want to make a cannonball shoot out of the cannon when pressing F. To register the player presses 'F' I'm using ContextActionService and this event fires the server. This works so far.

My Problem

I used this script to make the cannon shoot:
local canFire = true

	if canFire then
		canFire = false

		local newBall = CannonBall:Clone()
		newBall.CFrame = CannonBarrel.CFrame
		newBall.Velocity = CannonBarrel.CFrame.lookVector * 50 -- Speed 50
		newBall.Parent = workspace
		newBall.Anchored = false
		canFire = true

However the cannonball is falling out of the side. How can make the cannonball flying out where it should fly out?

Help appreciated.

So your going to want to unanchor the cannonball before you parent it to the workspace. I’d go ahead and just make CannonBall.Anchored = false wherever you created it. Also you need to make the CannonBall spawn outside of barrel or turn the collisions of the barrel off. (Usually I just weld an invisible, collision less part the end of the barrel and use that as a “FirePoint” where the ball should spawn.

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I changed lookVector to RightVector and followed your instructions and now it works sort of. The problem is that it looks like the cannonball stops for a short time mid-air and the travels further. This occurs directly after it is launched.

Try changing this

-- other code...
local newBall = CannonBall:Clone()

Doing something of that nature gives client control over said Cannonball. What I mean by this, is if they caught on then it might get abused. Personally, I think you should use something along the lines of fast casting, and then just making a client sided visual effect of the cannonball and tween it to the hitpos. Making a combat game with ranged weapons? FastCast may be the module for you!