Problem With not putting game on moblie?

Is there something bad about not putting a game on mobile? Everything works execpt UI looks wonky.

What I mean by problem is would I lose views? Or is most of the player base pc?

Most of the player base is on mobile.

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A HUGE part of the player base of roblox is mobile, and I am pretty sure even the majority. If you want some advice, try your hardest to make your game mobile-friendly. If you can’t it’s fine but if you can, you can end up making around x2 more profit then you would if you didn’t include mobile.

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Then how do I fix my UI problem?

Is there a way to see how something looks on mobile?

I don’t really know, if I were you, I would put the rest of your questions in another category like help or feedback and add some screenshots. Edit: just realized this is in help or feedback lol.

Yes, there is. Next to the cancel ui button im pretty sure.

Can we have some screenshots of your problem?

in studio click the highlighted buttonimage
then click

and choose your screen. as for detecting mobile players best solution would probably be GUI for Mobile Players - #2 by OnlyJaycbee


Yes, click on where @astraran shows. This is what I am talking about.

Dude your a life saver thank you so much.

But if I run my ads on computer than whats the point?

Friends and content creators can spread the word of it.

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