Problems with autoscaling

Pretty much I can’t understand how autoscaling works and I mainly use plugins. I’m trying to autoscale one of my hubs built by my friend, but it just doesn’t seem to work.

The tutorial clearly states to only autoscale the children of the screenGui and not its descendants. Well… That’s exactly what I’ve done and literally nothing seems to still work. I’ve even tried the dum dum way and autoscale everything, but that still doesn’t effect it at all. What it seems to be doing is only scaling the “MainBackground” and nothing else. Should I add a frame as the parent of everything or what? I’m confused.


It’s probably because you used offset for your positions.

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You should check to see if any of your items are using the Offset settings. Anything that is using Offset won’t change its size for different devices. If anything is using Offset, change it to scale and remove any form of Offset. Keep that at a 0.

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Okay. We’ll try to see, what I can do. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Okay. I’m bit of a dum dum. Is this the only way to change the offset values into scale?

That’s the traditional way to convert them but there is a plugin you can use. It’s called Auto Scale on the plugin tab.

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Found that option on the plugin. Wohoo!
It seems to work well with changing the scale option but we ran into a problem with the position option.

When we try to convert the position to scale, it completely changes it.

EDIT: Here’s a clip.

The same effect seemed to happen once I clicked it to just convert from offset to the same exact thing/offset again. I noticed that it changes the offset from 350 to 296. Any idea why it does so,

You need to change the size and position, I would recommend only changing the Size as the Position should already be on the Scale Size. The position changes because you’re changing the Position of the GUI.

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I believe they aren’t scaled: {0, 1040},{0, 350}
What should I do now?

You need to change anything that is set to offset to scale with the plugin.


But as I said, the position changes once I change it to scale size. What should I do to redeem the position when it wasn’t scaled?

Incorrect, in your video you changed the Position… not the size. You must change the size to scale, not the position.


Oh… I did change the size already. Should I just leave the position as it is? :slight_smile:

Yes you should, that should fix the issue you’re experiencing.

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And… nope. The position needs to be changed.

Well then, you just need to reposition the U.I after changing everything to scale. Once it’s set to scale, it will stay in scale while you drag it around and resize it.

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Want to die, but okay. :slight_smile:
Thank you a lot for your advice. C:

Something like this

  local g = item.Parent.AbsoluteSize -- should be a Gui object or ScreenGui
  local x,y = g.X, g.Y
  item.Size = +  (item.Size.X.Offset/ x), 0, item.Size.Y.Scale + (item.Size.Y.Offset/ y), 0)

If you don’t want to do this manually, just select all Gui objects and use my plugin to convert the size and position just using scale, look into the source too if you can.