Problems with custom rig animating


Hello developers,

As you might see from the picture, the right leg is crooked. It’s not supposed to be like that.

I was trying to animate my custom rig and tried moving the leg forward, but I noticed that this was happening.

This is my joint setup.

I’m not sure if this is a problem with the joints or just the part, so please let me know how I can fix this! If you need any more information please let me know.


It doesn’t look like you have joints everywhere? So you won’t be able to move everything (see image below). You could have also made a mistake in rigging the humanoidrootpart with the torso, or the order that you rig the parts to eachother. Here’s two good resources to refer to to make sure you’ve done everything correctly: Custom Character Rigging Video and How to rig a custom character (2021 edition)

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It seemed my joint placement was not correct, so I fixed it using the tutorial, however that still happens to be doing the weird animating thing.

The points you dotted on your image were actually part of what had already been jointed. The arms and legs have two parts unioned together. That might be the problem though I don’t think so.

Yeah a union might mess it up as you should just have individual parts and if you don’t need something to move you can always weld it.

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No, that’s somehow not the problem. I just tested it out now. Now I’m confused as I can’t think of anything.

Would you be willing to share the model you’re trying to animate?

Gladly! Anything to help. boss.rbxm (32.3 KB)

You could re-rig it (though I don’t think that is the problem) if you want.

I think it could just be the model, and I’ll have to re-design it.

I was thinking it was the model and the collisions between parts but even with no collide it was still doing it. After messing around with it for quite a while I cannot seem to figure out the issue. However, I tried using Moon Animator instead of the default plugin and it seemed to work fine. You can either re-design or try using the other animation plug-in. Here’ s a guide I found on how to use it: Getting Started with Moon Animator 2 - [Unofficial]

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