Procedural Movement Animation

I started working on a multiplayer game recently and realized that Roblox’s default characters don’t convey much to the other players, so I wanted to try and fix this with my own character for my game.

One thing I’ve done is making the feet walk in the direction of your movement instead of always walking forward. The feet also adjust based on the height of the ground underneath them (shown in the second video)

Directional walking

Working with movement

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Great work! However I just want to clarify one thing:

A couple years ago Roblox added omni-directional movement animations to R15, you just have to enable them using beta. I don’t see many people talking about them, but I use the feature in almost every project I work on. I love it.


Though I would like to ask how this animation translates to actual movement, because it’s easy to show this off in a stationary format, but it complicates heavily when trying to make it legitimately move. How would it handle translation of the rootpart and what about terrain? You state this is procedural which I assume uses IK but I’m not sure how you plan on allowing it to adapt to terrain and move at the same time, whilst preserving the fluid movement. The nature of many procedural animations that include a moving rootpart causes the animation to suffer when dealing with movement + step adjustment + animation.

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this looks so bloody cool what the heck


looks much cooler than what i made to test ik controls, really good job

this is my attempt from last year (~40 lines of code)


The way I’m doing it, the feet aren’t actually raycasted and then moved in an arc to the next foot position and are instead just animated. They’re pretty much just moving in an oval towards the direction of movement. I do still raycast to move the feet up if the character is low to the ground tho


Hello, im trying to make something liek this for my own 3rd person shooter project, is there any way you could help me out, as I am trying to have this directional procedural movement instead of having 8 different animations just for walking, is there any way you could help me out.

I need to know how you managed to achieve this, ive been looking for a very long time, note that I also do have a custom character so thats why im specifically looking for a way to do this.

Thank you I’d appreciate your help!

Putting it in really simple terms, I have a vector3 variable that stores the direction I want the character to walk in (I set it to the character’s velocity), and then using cframes I move the feet in a circular path toward the vector3. To get the circular motion I use math.sin() and math.cos().

Ohh I seee Okay Okay, that makes sense, Cause Ive been thinking id do directional animations, and ahve a 360 degree grind under the player and based on value from that grid id play the right animations! but I feel like thats long