Product: exe | Most Stunning Admin Panel Yet

Any plans for Adonis compatibility?


I have checked the permissions but it says I am forbidden from using team changer, tools etc.

Looks absolutely amazing. Love it!

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This looks stunning honestly, UI is clean & Modern, Everything is so modernized I might end up using!

keep up the good work!

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Was looking through your manager script code and wanted to just mention a thing or two.


function uptime()
    -- Instead of doing while true do and having the task.wait be below you can do this
    -- Its pretty much the equivilent of doing that.
	while task.wait(1) do
		exe_storage.objects.uptime.Value += 1

-- Spawns a new function in a corutine thread for performance (should help a bit)
-- Note: I personally do this most of the time with while loops. Helps with perfomance and threads

Consider doing this instead for uptime.


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Why would you task.spawn a coroutine?

Using task.spawn by itself would accomplish the same thing.

Its a habbit of mine thats all.

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Honey can’t you just use workspace.DistributedGameTime??

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Why would you use that? A normal while loop works fine. Plus workspace.DistributedGameTime is for seeing how long the server has been up for.
Source: Docs

Is it possible to kick, ban, and notify players on different servers? I haven’t been able to figure it out.

To add onto this, are global announcements a thing? If not, this is a suggestion.

Possible. All you need to do is add functionality with Cross-Server Messaging

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It’s possible to ban players on different servers as it uses my BanManager.

Just wondering, is there ever going to be a command bar where we can minimize and rescale it?

Exactly. Server uptime. Using while loops for this is not needed and takes up unnecessary resources. Hope this helped! :slight_smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Everything takes up resources. Hope this helped :yawning_face:

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does this will affect the game perfomance?

Is there a library (maybe github) where people can add there custom commands and share them with others? Because I really miss the :pm all function when doing trainings or whatsoever… Amazing work btw and I am verry happy with using it!

yeah kind of disappointed there is not a github, would love to contribute

You should learn to read. Unneccessary resources**

yes like poobellys said, you should use workspace.DistributedGameTime over doing an unneccessary loop.