Product: exe | Most Stunning Admin Panel Yet

Product: exe V5
The Most Stunning Administrative Panel Yet. And It Still Is.

Product: exe V5 | Coming Soon


How much will it cost? I’ll probably buy it

this is a super cool admin panel :smiley:

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It’s much cooler when V5 comes out. Especially, with the new Roblox Ban API.

So basically, the frame is a image label?

Yes, you’re right! The shadows, prisms, highlights, and other effects are in separate imagelabels.

you did it!

word limmet

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also how did you do the Acrylic ui background blur?

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There’s no actual Background Blur happening, it’s all just illusion. The only blur I used is the BlurEffect in the Lighting. :wink:

Product: Expert [Coming Soon]

A helpful utility plugin made for Product: exe. Do not worry about how to do this and that, focus on what you want to do and this plugin will do the rest.

Product: Expert will come with Product: exe V5.


Exe V5 will be a paid version or it will be free?

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Roblox just added a new Ban api methods for your own game to ban Alter acc, you should add this roblox ban api feature to this exe admin

Don’t fret, Product: exe V5 will still be free, and no removal of features, but the permission assigning could get tricky.

Product: Expert will come in clutch, this plugin gives you the ability to control Product: exe but in an intuitive manner.

Here’s a preview for Product: Expert:


Well everybody has their own preferences, I am here to give options for Admin Panels for the public to use.


No idea if I am the only one wanting to know this, but:

When making effects, normally a “Attachment” is used to make the effects look better.

However when trying to implement that into the game, a “Part” is needed, doing all of that will just result in no effects happening.

Is there maybe a work around on this, or just an explanation how to add more detail effects?