Project BE Job openings (hiring)

We’re amassing a team to help bring project BE to life. Expect to be compensated.
Project BE is codename for an upcoming Sci-Fi kinetic FPS with large maps and vehicles.

Current job openings

Lead programmers
Lead level designer
Concept Artists
3D Modellers
Cinematic Animator

*Lead Programmer

We’re looking for a capable and responsible scripter that can work in a timely manner. Depending on your strengths you could be asked to work on vehicles, gun mechanics, user interfaces, and other systems.

*Lead level designer

You’d be tasked to creating -you guessed it- in-game levels! We’re looking for high fidelity builders who can build to a certain aesthetic thats been pre-ordained and has plenty of experience using smooth terrain to help create beautiful but very large maps that fits our vehicles and player movement mechanics as they’re intended to be.

*Concept Artists
Artists would be responsible for creating detailed illustrations (through any suitable mediums) to help flesh out ideas for our 3D model artists. This includes but may not be limited to maps, character design (armor), vehicles, and advertisements (concepts not final execution).

*3D Modellers
You’d be expected to be able to create highly detailed 3D models for use for either advertisements or to be later converted into in-game assets. Looking for artists proficient in either hard surface modeling, soft bodied sculpting, or both.

*Cinematic Animators
You’d be tasked to create believable character animations for our video cinematics that will be made using programs outside of ROBLOX. If you have credible experience with animating rigged characters through programs like Blender or Cinema 4D then you may consider yourself as an ideal candidate.

Payment can be negotiated to whatever suits you best which includes but isn’t limited to

Pay by the hour (USD)
Percentage of game revenue (ROBUX)
Single payout (USD/ROBUX)

Don’t be afraid to approach me and ask questions or send your resume/portfolio, my grandma says I’m a pretty cool dude :wink:
Don’t underestimate yourself either! send everything!!!1!1


Be sure to tell me your ROBLOX user, the best way to contact you, timezone, and links to your previous work.

  • Discord - Exelar#6952
  • DM me on Twitter - @XLRrbx

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Are you the project leader? What games have you worked on? Also who is “we”?

“We” refers to my sponsors and I and apart from that the rest is superfluous.

I wouldn’t call experience superfluous. It would be silly to expect someone to lead a large team with no prior experience. This category is filled with examples of failed projects where someone with little to no experience tried to start a large project with a large team and got nothing accomplished.

Also, any ballpark estimates on what the payment range might be?


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Well @maplestick, I believe everyone is entitled to voice their own opinion but this really didn’t have to be posted here unless you were intentionally trying to debase the post.

@Sharksie You have a point that I failed to deduce from your first post, apologies. Also for the payment estimates, I provided multiple forms of payment.

You could play it safe and get paid by the hour in USD and this could range from $10-$80 USD an hour.

Take somewhat of a chance and wait until after the game releases and depending on the games early success and your contribution, you can get a single payout of combined game revenue and some from my own pool of wealth adding up to $400 USD or maybe the equivalence or more in ROBUX.

Or take a full risk based off the games success by asking for a percentage of revenue (for as long as we use your assets) and should the game be as successful as intended then you should earn well beyond the previous two.

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I’m not trying to debase your post, i only wish to know what your strengths are and why we should work for you instead of ourselves. I’m still uninformed on what your previous experineces are.

If it sounded too aggressive i apologize, i’ll edit out that part.

What’s up with this range? The latter is 8x the former, and is it even possible for you to pay i.e. 320 dollars weekly to someone that spends only half a working day a week on the project, for example?

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I’m glad you asked, for the right job and with high expectations I’m prepared to pay my developers accordingly for their work. Pay rates and form are established individually with each worker.

Your motivation to work should be the very act of being able to be apart of the project but if thats not enough then payment should. I don’t know what else is expected unless you’re looking to take my kidneys.
I hope my lack of technical skill in building or scripting doesn’t impede my ability to lead a team but my personal strengths lie in the advertisement section where I’ll be working very closely with my arts team creating rendered cinematic videos, posters, and other forms of advertisement.
And I know it may come as a surprise to some for a person who’s known to make GFX to lead his own development team but this just yanking my tail. @maplestick

It’s not a surprise a graphics person is leading a project or that someone can’t be a project lead without technical experience – it’s a surprise someone without any experience managing successful games suddenly expects that they’ll hit it big, and just by throwing money at a project on top of that.

In project management, experience is everything. A successful project manager has successes, but also lots of failures – they learn not only from these, but from the successes and failures of others as well. I would suggest taking what Sharksie mentioned to heart: there is a graveyard of failed collaborative efforts here. Don’t let your dream project join them – you may find it worthwhile to practice managing smaller projects before attempting a larger venture.


That’s scary.

You never hear an investor buy into a company and the company says “you’ll own 5% of our company until we run out of your money”.

That sounds like you could screw someone over the day after release. You may want to reconsider that policy before scaring away applicants.

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What I find strange is “investors” on ROBLOX in general when all you need to do is some good promotion and a decent donation item. The only investment towards a game in my opinion that one needs could just have to do with advertising. I just assume pay those people back with extra rather than let them have a % of the overall revenue.

What about paying people to do work?

Scripting, building, 2d art, 3d art, etc? The majority of game dev projects (not just on roblox) never see the light of day. So some people want to be paid for their work and have no risk.

Allow me to clarify @AbstractAlex If you’re receiving 10% of total game revenue for creating a certain system script that was integral to the game but then a few months later the script needed to be fixed or modified but you lack time or motivation to fix it, should another person have to be contracted to fix it or replace it then your 10% could be modified or nullified depending on the situation.
Your concern with developers being wary of the project not succeeding has been addressed in payment forms where developers can ask to be paid by the hour with USD where they’ll get paid regardless as how the project does.

What I think he means is:

“if you leave, we will continue to pay you until we no longer use anything you make”

It’s fairly common practice

What I see this agreement as is:

“We have a huge incentive to cut you out of the project and we will do so immediately if your percentage ever becomes too expensive for us”

If you are paying someone a percentage you should very clearly agree on what work needs to be completed for the percentage to be given out, whether it’s on an ongoing basis or just a specific task or tasks that need to be completed. The agreement being offered here leaves a lot to trust in the project leader, as it would be very easy for them to use a contractor to re-write your code or re-make your assets and cut you out of the project later.

The exact work required should be agreed upon and a contract should be signed stating this for any percentage based agreement like this.


I do agree that this kind of work shouldn’t just rely on what’s listed on the job opening.

I’d personally like a contract in cases like this where I’d retain at minimum 2-4 months of revenue (dependant on other team member’s contributions) on top of having profits while my assets are in the game.

but of course, that’s something that should be drawn up between OP and the developer(s), and probably not stated here

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Is this still an open listing?