Project Lake Worth (Coming Soon)

Howdy! My name is CorporalAndrew, and I am in the progress of recreating the city of Lake Worth, Texas. Inspiration was taken from Greenville, Central Roleplay: Maple County, and Emergency Response Liberty County, to pursue the development of this game!

What is Project Lake Worth?
So Project Lake Worth, is a upcoming realistic roleplay game with almost a 1:1 of the real city, of Lake Worth, Texas, here is some more information below:

When is a planned Beta Stage Game Release: January 2024
What are some interesting features about this game:

  • It Will Be Free! :dollar: (No paid access for teams, or game access)
  • Very Realistic Enviroment
  • Teams and Jobs for Businesses and Public Services
  • Realistic Vehicles
  • Real Streets
  • Real Businesses

1:1 (Roblox Character Scaled) Using Google Maps (Houses are not 1:1 for Privacy Reason)

This game is still in a early development stage, but I just wanted to let people know about this project!

Sneak Peaks and Progress is Shown Here:

Game Link Here: Project Lake Worth - Roblox (Game is not Released Yet)