Project Resistance

I’m the Head Developer of a game called “Project Resistance”
Where the Underground Polish Resistance would fight against Nazi Germany.
Its not something like Arsenal or Phantom Forces its going to be a realistic casual roleplay.

I’m telling whoever reads this because I’m looking for a good weapons system.

devforum is not for doing commissions please use discord

You obviously don’t get it. I’m not asking for people to do it for me I’m asking if anyone knows what good gun systems to use. Stop assuming crap please.

i think the only crap here is this topics category please put it in #development-discussion

Dude if your not going to give me your opinion on gun systems then leave this post. Your not even roblox staff and your telling me what to do.

Game design is the correct category for this topic, anyway @aidanb372 I suggest you make your own gun system as it’s way more customizable and will be way better than any other free model guns out there. There’s quite a few resources that will help you make your gun system such as FastCast etc…

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I’m not familiar with FastCast?