Projectile VFX - Even Possible In Roblox?

Is is possible to create projectile visual effects in Roblox, such as the examples below:

Static Image:

Animated Image:


  • In the example, the third image (blue) can be done with a beam, since a beam allows the texture to move,
  • But I am unsure if it is possible to do the first two in which the texture is animated, but it is not moving like a beam. I can’t use a billboard gui because the effect needs to point in a fixed direction.

Edited original post with static image, as well as animated image.

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I believe you can use texture offset for the first two if not beams.

If you can use beams, I believe you can just do something like this with the width on one side being 0

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I believe this could be your best bet would be to use beams as @Zooleos said however, if you want to go for the effect of the two above which have special animations on the ends with another seperate part at the front, you could use the texture offset with a spritesheet, essentially allowing you to create an animation with less cost for mobile players/data while still giving it that special effect. Someone has actually create a tutorial/resource for playing “gifs/spritesheets”:

The first one is possible with a trail. Have a general image and decrease the tail size the closer to the back it is, but increase it at the front. The same rule can apply with a beam.