Proper Convention For Refences

should I name by table like

local TBL = {}


local tbl= {}

And are these considered variables or references to objects…?

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It doesn’t matter how you name table. A table is a data type. Tables are useful to store multiple values, including numbers , strings, functions and more.

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I think you should give this a read if you want to learn proper style practices

To answer your section question, tbl is considered to be a variable which points to a table.


local tbl = {}

But, the capitalization of “tbl” or “TBL” won’t be affected at all.

tbl is a variable, which, in this case, holds a reference to the table.


Name it in whatever style you want as long as it remains consistent through your codebase.


If I am understanding your question right you are asking whether you should use upper case or lower case characters for naming your variables?

To answer this question, it it really down to personal preference and what works best for you. I usually name my variables like this:

local Table = {}


local RunService = game:GetService("RunService")

I tend to use a capital letter at the beginning and use the full name instead of an abbreviation like tbl. This is down to the fact that doing it this way makes it easier for me to understand what is going on. I wouldn’t make the variable name fully capitalised because I think it would make the script look very messy.

You may want to read over this community tutorial because the first section is sort of related to your issue: A Scripture's Guide To Scripting