Properties bug, appearance not opening

Sorry I’ve never posted a topic before so I’m a bit new to this.
I’ve recently encountered a bug where the appearance tab in properties simply will not open.
I’ve searched everywhere and I haven’t found anyone who has experienced or even seen this before.
I’ve tried numerous things to try to fix this including restarting roblox studio, restarting my computer, reinstalling roblox studio, and none of them have worked. This happened about two days ago and it has impacted me being able to use roblox studio a lot…


Log out and log back in.

Worked for someone else who had the same problem.

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It didn’t work, I just tried logging out and logging back in and going into one my of places and the bug was still there.


In that case, delete the registry key:


It worked, thankyou so much!! You’ve saved me so much stress!


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