Properties pane scrollbar doesn't show up until you click on it

The scrollbar on the properties window is not showing up when I select an object.

I have to click something in the pane that requires input to get it to show. This makes editing properties a bit of a pain as I have to edit something visible so that I can then edit something else. I should be able to scroll without needing to interact.

What OS are you using? If I click on a part, the scroll bar appears like normal.

Windows 10 Home

Here’s a video

Thanks for the video, that actually helped a lot. It looks like something weird is going on with how the widgets interact. I’ll add this to our bug list.

I am experiencing this too on Windows 10 Pro. It’s quite annoying especially when I just want to scroll down quickly and look at the size of an object while I’m resizing it.

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I am also experiencing this on Windows 10 Pro.

Had this happening too on Windows 7, happened to fix itself in the same session somehow though.

Should probably add that this bug wasn’t around in the previous version of studio but has been in all subsequent versions.