ProximityPrompt Doesnt wanna work in a car

Hello Developers!
Today I saw the new beta feature “ProximityPrompt” for interacting with things. I have tried that feature several times on my car but it doesn’t want to work. Its probably because there is a door that’s not allowing GUI to appear, due to feature uses if the camera is in distance(I think), prove me wrong if I am wrong because I didn’t quite understand everything of this feature. I would like to know why it doesn’t show and how to fix it.
(Sorry for bad English)

are you sure you write the right code ?

local EToEnter = script.Parent

local seat = EToEnter.Parent.Parent.DriveSeat


if seat.Occupant then

EToEnter.Enabled = false


EToEnter.Enabled = true






ok now its problem with the roblox studio

I don’t think so. I have restarted roblox studio many times and nothing happened.

oh wait i think its update problem cause sometimes when roblox do new update it wont go to all players

The beta feature is having some issues for me, it should work for character distance and not camera distance.

ok then we need to report this bug

I think that’s a great move. But if us two are thinking wrong then its our problem. maybe its only for camera distance but if script isn’t in Seat then it doesn’t want to work.

yea i think we should share this and see if anyone have same problem or just you

I assume you’re talking about this post from a few days ago:

Check the bottom of the post where it says “Known Issues”. Some of these issues may be what you are experiencing, like not having a PrimaryPart in your car Model.

Also, you could try the other script that they put in the original post.

Are you getting any errors in output? I’m assuming that that is the code pasted directly from the original devforum post with no edits. It could also be an issue with the properties on your ProximityPrompt.

i found solution. it was pretty easy to get to. i just needed to disable “requiresLineOfSight”

that might work but i dont know