PSA: Reports of Acquisition Scams

Su técnica: multicuentas y yo los ignoro pero se multiplican.


I’m not a human and don’t exist in real life, so this option is impossible for me. Annoying how everything is moving in this direction.


Just ask the person to wave or perform some other gesture on the spot. If you’re still not sure then have them step away from the camera to frame everything from their torso up while displaying a piece of paper with some handwritten text.

Benefit of the doubt, you lack the ability to problem solve and aren’t intentionally fear mongering.


Okay what about the immersive ad botting though

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oh man, I’ve gotten hundreds of these requests but I just declined because I simply don’t want to sell. I wonder how many of these people were actually trying to scam me


Actually, most often, they are contacting us first directly on Roblox through the messaging system. Within this message, they are directing us towards the third party platforms through social links on a Roblox game or Roblox group.

Example below:


I got that same message today from a different person too, wild


My account has been compromised, they sent a verification code directly to the roblox website, clicked on a bookmark, everything seems so real, I can only post on Devforum now :joy:


It was just clicking on a bookmark to get my username on roblox, which I thought was true, but to get the captcha, I had my doubts, and then I saw that the official email from roblox didn’t tell me what the captcha was for, I thought it was safe, and the roblox official should have suggested the purpose of this verification code, such as modifying the authentication email, modifying the authentication mobile phone number, etc., which is roblox’s negligence. As a developer, if someone wants to buy my project, I feel good, so that they can learn, and I can also earn a sum of money. I can also have a competitor. This was an oversight on the part of roblox officials, and I wouldn’t have fallen for it if it had indicated the purpose of the captcha


Now the scammers have modified my game, which has over 3 million views, and directly jumped to another project that replicates the same experience as my project. I found that I am not the only developer who has been cheated, and the key is that they are directly deceiving me on the roblox website. Modified a roblox prompt text via javascript injection, everything is too realistic, this is one of the cleverest scams I’ve ever seen.

All the games in this group were made by stealing accounts and copying projects. Earth Core Exploration was my game, and my account was added to the group by them. I don’t know why they did this. roblox does not allow them to cash out robux obtained by stealing accounts and copying projects.


“Lucent Makes Games” pffft makes games, have you contacted support? Hope they can help you on this issue, and since you already got hacked I guess you can only take a look back and learn from it to not fall on scams again, I know about the bookmark scam but I guess not everyone is aware of it, next time you can be more cautious and avoid going to any third-party site they ask you to go, or to paste any scripts on your browser, the bookmark was probably a script that got executed when you clicked on it

Thank you for your concern. Of course, after my account was stolen, I contacted the support for the first time, but it has to be processed within 24 hours, I do not know the efficiency of roblox support, but my game and the robux inside must be completely changed by hackers

There is another one of these groups, presumably by the same host called Creative Motives.

I also have a pending support ticket, it has been 3 days now and they only seem fit to email me that my ticket is still in queue.

This group stole 13 games yesterday, that is to say, at least 13 developers had their accounts stolen yesterday, and all the games we worked so hard to produce were stolen here. Why has roblox not banned this group yet, without any action? The roblox support I contacted didn’t live up to their promise to contact me within 24 hours, it was humiliating, I was disappointed with roblox’s security design, and I was disappointed with the customer support efficiency.