Publish To Roblox As not publishing to targeted place

Everytime I try to use the Publish to Roblox As feature in Studio, it publishes to the place I’m currently in rather than the targeted place. Restarting Studio doesn’t fix this.


I don’t think this is a bug, nothing unintended is happening. The output says that the “Tree Planting Simulator: Test Place was published successfully” because it published FROM the file to the game. It is saying that the FILE was published; it does not say that it was published TO the file itself.

Thus, this is not a bug.

To make sure, open up the game where this was published to and see if it has the same contents as the file. If it does, then that means that the publication was successful.

I was publishing to the main game, not the test server. Upon opening the main game in studio, it does not have the same contents.

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The output says that a file was published successfully, but it does not mean that it published TO the file. It means that the file was published but to the main game.

Also, why does it say “Test Server” at the end? Did you name it that, or are you in an actual test server?

My bad, I re-read what I posted. The Publish To Roblox As feature isn’t working. I’m in the Test Server trying to publish to the active game. The Test Server and the actual game are two different games in different universes. Sorry that it wasn’t clear.

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This was likely caused by the Asynchronous Publishing update which has since been disabled. You can see their response acknowledging this bug on the announcement thread:


That could be it, thank you! Though, it let me save after I saved an offline version, then published the offline version to the live server.

@Olicai When did you notice this issue occurring? Was this all today?

Yes, this started this morning and persisted all day.