Purchase bot for discord help


I have tried to think a way when someone purchases an item, a created bot sends a message to a specific channel. However, I don’t know how to start. Could somebody help?


It’s pretty simple , you don’t need to use a discord bot for that.

After you’ve made sure the player has made a purchase you can send a message via Discord Webhooks

This should solve your problem :


It says like how to make a report thing, not purchase.

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The idea is that you take the concepts you learn from there and you apply them to try and make your own system. Understanding the fundamentals first helps before you start delving into larger systems. There aren’t going to be tutorials for everything you want to do but salvagable content may exist. Make an attempt first and ask for help based on your attempts.


Having a discord bot for this small function is not required. Using discord webhooks and a PostAsync request (HttpService) should be adequate.

Have a read through these:

For a quick script to replace a few values check this:

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