Purchase Prompt broken in some games (% character in title)

The purchase prompt is broken in some games. Clicking on a button in the game which prompts a purchase will output the following error onto the dev console:

EDIT: More details:

This bug started happening as of 9:14 AM, PST in Adopt Me!


It looks like this bug only happens if the dev product has a percent % character in the name. This is new.

EDIT: We’ve fixed this by removing the % character in the names of Adopt Me’s developer products.

Closing the loop: this was introduced during the upgrade of internal string library to track Lua 5.2 changes, which makes % replacements illegal unless followed by a digit or %. Unfortunately our own localization script fell prey to this (and seemingly nothing else did?). We’re going to fix the localization script to fix this problem, for now please don’t use % in the product names (note that % followed by a digit never worked correctly, which we’ll be fixing as well).

Sorry about this!


Any ETA on when this bug will be fixed?

We applied a fix internally last week, however there might be a lapse in releases right now because of an upcoming long weekend. I believe we’re skipping next week’s release as a consequence, so this unfortunately will be fixed on August 12th or a day later. For now please remove % signs in your product names or if you really need them you can use %% instead.


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