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I have some games that I’ve been working on, and I was wondering if I could sell any of them for Robux. All I want to know is if selling games is again the Roblox Terms Of Service because I don’t want to get in any sort of trouble.

Ok thanks for replying. I basically just dodged a bullet.

Selling games is against the roblox TOS

@Lv100DominusUltimus just cause it’s not on the forum rules doesn’t mean it’s allowed.

In the roblox TOS. It states selling games is not allowed.

I do believe you can sell game assets, but you just can’t sell “games”. As it’s against the ToS adding on what scythe said above, it’s not allowed on the Roblox platform. Selling games are against the community rules on Roblox, however, I have heard in another post you can sell parts of the game but not the entire game itself.

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