Question On Multiple Accounts

So not too long ago the developer forum posted a new rule talking about not boosting your stats with another account. Does that also mean we can’t use the accounts for separate things? Like lets say I would use this account for my main routine and help on developer forum and use another account for job purposes, basically portfolio’s and work to sell. The rule says no boosting stats, but just to make sure would that break the forum rule 8.3? (Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum - #16 by Roblox) Would it be ok as long as I am careful with it?

Thanks For Reading And Feedback If Given! :grin:


Why not just use one account for everything you do? It would make it more confusing if you had more accounts for differing purposes.


So I have 2 accounts and people might get confused b/c my other one has ownership towards a group and I put it that way on purpose since this is my dev account and the other is my YouTube/Main account. (I know it is confusing and I am sorry about that, but I was just wondering).

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Alternate accounts are highly discouraged, but in the specific case you describe here (keeping things semantically separate) that seems okay.

Forum moderation will ban alternate accounts indefinitely if they determine they are used for malicious reasons (i.e. stat boosting, sockpuppeting, avoiding bans / bad reputation / moderation history, etc) and in those cases it may also lead to your main account being moderated. Your use case does not seem malicious so you should be fine.


ok thanks so much for the feedback! I do realize it isn’t the best to have separate accounts, but I will make sure I don’t break any rules with this.