Question on the best way to control flying vehicles in ROBLOX

I am currently trying to create a flying ship control script for one of my group projects, and I was wondering if anyone had any insight on how I should go about creating this? I am not wondering how to create the parts for the boat, but rather what ROBLOX API’s I should use to create a non-glitchy flying ship that multiple players could be on at once like in ROBLOX Galleons, just flying in air. I would really appreciate any feedback on this, thanks!

the best way to do this would be using the tweening service. So basically you could weld all the players to a seat and then tween the entire ship model. oh btw here is a tutorial on tweening models Introduction to Tweening Models. So what you could do is set the primary part to a invisible part that has canCollide set to false, and then make it encompass the entire ship and ensure that the lookvector, upvector and right vector are all properly aligned based on the ship model. Then you can tween the model in the different directions based on these vectors. For example, if you add the lookVector to the model’s primary part this would cause it to move forward. Oh and if you want the ship to snap onto surfaces you can just raycast downards and them constrained the model to the surface, and this will only work on parts and not terrain i think

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