[Question] Placing discord invite code at the start of my game?

Just wondering if it’s allowed to place a discord invite code on the start of my game to able players to communicate with me via discord.

I want to make sure that when i place this advertisement to my server + advertise my game that i wont be shutdown/removed due to having this small label at the start of my game.

Thanks in advance,

it is not allowed. Any Discord code is now classified as an offsite link and will get your game and/or account taken down.


Starception is correct.

Ruling on referencing users to a website that is not allowed: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/really-roblox-this-isnt-even-an-offsite-link/24365/16

List of allowed sites: Reminder Regarding Permissible Links


Gotcha thanks for the help <3

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