Question regarding waters?

Is it possible on Roblox to make extremely realistic seas on Roblox (like the one attached)?


I wish, but it’s not possible. I really hope they make this a feature!

So do I. I bet if you spent time and time and time and years it could be possible, don’t you think?

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sadly no. But it would be awesome to see water like this in roblox!

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If you are looking to create realistic seas on Roblox, texture wise, it wouldn’t be possible. Essentially, there is a limit to how much quality a texture can have. Do not have the exact number, but it is less than 4k (which below it probably wouldn’t be considered realistic).

However, if you want to generate water, you’ll need to use The Perlin Noise Generation Method.

Edit: Even though the link I have showed you is old, it is definitely still relevant.

Edit 2: Here is another link on how to use perlin noise generation.
Perlin Noise to Create a Map

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I definitely don’t know how to do that exactly,
but you could try using particle emitters to mimic the white water/splash. (image shows what I mean by “white water/splash”)

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Tbf I know roblox can’t do that sort of quality I mean more like the waves etc.

It’s more than possible actually. If you’re concerned about the particle limit on the client, you can use ParticleEmitter:Emit(numberofparticles) to override it. ex.


You could create it, but it couldn’t be extremely realistic.

Yes I understand that, however I am trying to figure out which could be the most realistic sea.