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The 3‎0 character requirement for posts causes lots of small posts to have charrrrrrs. To prevent this, add quick responses. They are smaller, and help when hearting isn’t enough. Common small phrases can be turned into quick responses! They will be hidden by a dropdown, and when opened, display like StackOverflow comments.


I could not agree more. But when would you have a quick response that isn’t a like or dislike comment?

I suggest adding a post upvote/downvote system, like StackOverflow. But these might work too.

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I don’t thoroughly understand what feature you’re requesting here.

If you’re suggesting the character limit be removed, I’ll have to disagree completely. The limit encourages meaningful, post-worthy reply’s that contribute to a discussion. Removing it would result in an increase in small, inefficient posts (e.g “I agree!” ). The character limit isn’t much and is very easily exceeded.

In future cases, refer to the pinned topic found here on how to correctly format a feature request in #forum-help:forum-features.


This is such a good idea, I think it should be condensed into a nice emote reaction. How about a heart? Like a little heart button you can click to show your appreciation of a post if you can’t make a message thoughtful enough to be over 30 letters?

There’s already a heart button. Please use your eyes before posting. This is for when the heart button does not suffice.

This is a way to allow specific common inefficient posts without removing hearts or the character limit.

EDIT: just realized you can chain quotes, next time it won’t bet 2 posts.

EDIT 2: context: people make inefficient posts all the time then add charrrrs at the end. This fights that.

Thank you for clarifying.

“Quick responses” in general wouldn’t be very effective. It’s encouraged here on the forum to contribute to discussions with meaningful and relevant posts (as long as it abides by the rules). Hypothetically speaking, if this feature were to be instated, what would be the point? The small reply’s would be hidden from public view until they tap a drop-down and would encourage a significant amount of non-useful reply’s.

These responses would also be considered rule breaking since they violate rule 5 :

“Every reply should have a meaningful and contributive response.”


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