QuickNetwork - A powerful hybrid alternative to ProfileService and DataStore2

[10/4/2021]: QuickNetwork Update [v1.8]


  • QuickNetwork now will output even very verbose warning messages and errors and will error check more.

  • QuickNetwork has now been refactored, all memory leak fixes, code standardization and code readability have been majorly improved!

  • Documentation has been updated to reflect all the changes.

  • QuickNetwork will now reduce the keys in MetaData of any data except for necessary ones, which means that the session lock for data has been completely reworked.


  • QuickNetwork will now by default, save data on shutdown.

  • DataCorruptionSignal has been renamed to DataCorruptionLoadSignal.

New edge cases which are handled:

  • QuickNetwork will now not save data unnecessarily upon UpdateAsync call if it was session locked.

  • QuickNetwork will now wait for the data to be cleared during server shutdown (if it is) instead of clearing it again.

  • Data:CombineDataStoresAsync and Data:CombineKeysAsync will now not combine data stores or keys unnecessarily if they were previously combined. These methods will now ONLY update the data accordingly.

  • No more small freezes when QuickNetwork saves data on server shutdown.

QuickNetwork (v1.8) is now officially out of beta, which means its stable and you should expect no bugs!

Update your module here:


Hello, thank you for making this Data Store. Due to the crazy amount of lag that was created once updating a larger table using DataStore2, I decided to try out something new (In this case QuickNetwork). It seems to work really well, however it is a bit of a bummer that the documentation is down. A quick note is that this happens every time the game is started from Roblox Studio:
ServerStorage.Modules.DataStore.QuickNetwork:187: attempt to index nil with 'MetaData'
The functions are a bit tricky to figure out without documentation so I had to modify the “Set” function in order to make it update my tables. (SetTable doesn’t update my table given a key and a table as value)

Sorry but QuickNetwork was just a proto type, and is discontinued and supposed to be deleted. The actual data store module I won’t release since there is no need. Use profile service instead, sorry for the big convience again!

Ah that is a big rip since I just ported my game to use this lol. Is there no way to get the “actual” data store module which you mentioned?

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